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We will work closely with you to create the custom kitchen you have been dreaming of...a kitchen that will fit your budget, time and lifestyle. We take the time to discuss all of your options such as replacing or refacing the kitchen cabinets, types of flooring, appliances, countertops and plumbing. We are dedicated to providing you with a beautiful kitchen. So contact us now for your free, no obligation in-home estimate.
For those in a wheelchair, the biggest obstacle in a kitchen is accessing the sink, cabinets, countertops and appliances. A good accessible kitchen design takes this into account while allowing ample room for maneuvering. We have extensive experience designing and installing accessible kitchens that are not only highly functional but beautiful as well. We are more than happy to come out and discuss your accessibility needs and provide you with a no cost estimate.

With all the options we have today, choosing cabinets and countertops can be overwhelming. Close attention needs to be paid to functionality, layout and appearance while staying within your budget. If accessibility is a concern, we are well seasoned at creating fully accessible kitchens you will love and enjoy for years to come!

Let us take out the frustration and do the "leg work"! Call or email us and let's get started!

Built-in surface cooking products provide professional performance exactly where you need it, fitting perfectly into islands and countertops. With the controls positioned in the front, they provide safe, easy use for those sitting down or in a wheelchair. Additionally, without an oven or cabinet underneath, access from a seated position is made feasible.

Contact us and we will be happy to come out and show you the possibilities!